ltm transfer tooling program

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Open communication and planning are paramount.


Count on LTM

The decision to move your injection molds is a big one, and not something that should be taken lightly. It’s important to know the shop you’re going to has the experience and commitment to handle your project right. 

Trust the professionals at LTM Plastics to guide you through the process. Our streamlined program and transparent communication will be a breath of fresh air – and get your tools back online quickly.

ltm plastics

TOOL transfer program


Can your mold be transferred?

You’re looking for specific things in your next molding partner, and need assurance we can do the job. Same goes for us – LTM only accepts projects we can confidently deliver. The logical first step for everyone is a candid conversation.


We'll cover all the broad-strokes - timetables, mold size, cavitation and tool condition. Other key information includes expected part volumes, resin and quality requirements and any secondary operations you may need help with.


Receiving and reviewing the goods

Our team will help to coordinate the physical transfer of assets from your current supplier to LTM Plastics. We will check contents and condition upon arrival and report back to you with all findings.


Within days, your tool will be inspected by one of our skilled technicians. We'll openly discuss any repairs or recommendations we uncover (if any). Then, with your approval, we’ll make those corrections.

tool trials:

How are your tools performing?

Now that your tool is ready, we can hang it and push some plastic. Trials are run using your specified resin, and our team works until we’re making the best possible part. We pass you the samples and await your feedback.


If corrections are needed, our team performs additional trials until we meet your expectations. Then, our Production Team will map out the rest of your manufacturing process (assembly, packing, etc).

final price quote:

Let’s talk cheddar

Now that we have all the details on the table, we can work up an accurate quote for piece-part pricing, and any secondary services your job requires.


Time to get things rolling!

If you’re happy with your samples, and you’re happy with the price... It’s time for you to send us a Purchase Order (PO). That’s the day we can order all raw materials and add your job to the schedule. Once materials arrive – we will launch into production!