ltm industrial

Start to finish product design to manufacturing


3D Printed prototypes of your design.

Creative Consulting

In house industrial design and product development bringing your idea to life. Delivering honest solutions and design for manufacturing the FIRST time.

Small run production

Production runs for tight budgets and low quantities. Proving concepts and testing ideas with state-of-the-art 3D printing that achieves near identical properties of injection molded parts

product design

Full circle product design to manufacturing. Taking your idea from concept to production. Offering solutions for every budget and scope.

Final Push

We will take your product to manufacturing. Offering changes and modifications to ensuring quality parts and on time.

CAD Modeling

Turning your idea into a 3D file you can take to reality.

Product strategy

Consulting for production and offering sustainable solutions for the future of your product.

In-house Design and manufacturing

under one roof here in Denver Colorado USA

This means you:

ltm id

Is Our Industrial Design Department

We offer Creative design consulting to take your idea and make it into reality. With design and manufacturing in the same building you will retain control of your idea and ultimately save on time and money. As a design department we pride ourselves on honest design that is both functional and aesthetically appealing.

It is mutually beneficial to design your product in a way that maximizes its potential. We are not interested in making products that will end up in landfills months later. We want to create products that add value and work with clients that share our passion for good design and sustainable solutions.


We are not afraid to ask tough questions and give direct feedback

to efficiently develop your product

With a refined vision, we quickly move from design consulting to 3D printing prototypes. With our state-of-the-art 3D printers we can accurately test your product to ensure your goals are met.

You can then leverage our years of experience in manufacturing to take your idea from prototype to manufacturing the first time. Once tooling is made our team at LTM Plastics will manufacture and shipping your product on time and on budget.

For those with tighter budgets we offer production quality 3D printing with our Origin One 3D printer for smaller production runs. If you already have a product and want to make changes, we can quickly make design changes that will work the first time.


industrial design services


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$ 130 Per Hour
  • Design
  • Prototyping
  • 3D Modeling