ltm capabilities

invested in the future

Success is built on a solid foundation.

Manufacturing is

always changing

That’s why we reinvest in our team, tools, and tech. Greater efficiency and training means bigger savings for everyone involved.

With nearly 50 years in this business, it’s safe to say we’ve honed our skills. We’re comfortable running almost any polymer including engineered resins. We can handle inserts and over-molding, assembly and even have your product boxed and ready for retail.

Put our wide-reaching experience and industry connections to work for you. Contact us today about your next project.



At LTM, we strive to keep up with technology. We’re consistently improving our tools and facility. We moved to a larger, centralized facility and we’re using more intelligent and efficient processes for everything we do.

modern facility

Our shop is clean and organized, and and we perform routine maintenance to ensure everything is running smoothly.

24/7 operations

24/7 operations means quicker turnaround times for your project.

assembly at press

From production to packaging, we design each process to save you time and money.

erp software

Our production is built on Delmiaworks [ERP] to ensure accuracy and repeatability.

state of the art equipment

Our electric presses, top-flight material handling system and built-in redundancies mean repeatable quality.

18 electric nissei presses

Our Nissei presses are incredibly dependable, so rest easy knowing you’ll get the results you need.

tonnage from
55 -500

We have plenty of machines at varying clamping pressure so we can tackle nearly any job.

shot sizes from 1.3g - 68oz

LTM is capable of running many different sized parts, tools and family molds.

we're invested in

your success

With an eye on maximizing quality and efficiency, we are continuously looking to improve our operation. We recently replaced all of our presses, installed a state-of-the-art material handling system, robots and two over-head cranes.

We migrated over to Delmiaworks for better quality control and data collection. We’ve also codified all in-house processes so our team can generate the same high-quality results every time.