Our Leadership

With nearly 50 years of experience, our leadership knows how to get things done.

Darryl Lawrence

Raised in the family business, Darryl has an thorough understanding of injection-molding and all that entails. He’s been a founding partner in two shops specializing in tool and mold design. We’re grateful for the expertise and passion he brings to LTM. Aside from plastics, Darryl also has an affinity for anything on wheels that moves fast.

Gina Parker

Gina has been a mainstay with this company since the age of 13. She has served in nearly every capacity at LTM and knows what it takes to run an injection-molding shop. Gina is often found analyzing data behind a computer screen these days, but would much rather be turning wrenches with the techs, or tending her vegetable garden.

Debbie Burry

Debbie is an accomplished entrepreneur with wide-reaching experience in real estate, shipping and accounting principles. Her ability to organize and build internal processes keeps everything at LTM running smoothly. Not surprisingly, Debbie spends her days off running, too – up the sides of mountains.

Brian Parker

He’s new to the world of plastics, but Brian’s diverse skillset makes him a unique asset for LTM. He’s spent the past decade managing sales teams and serving in various operational roles – many of which have continued at LTM. Brian loves working to develop the LTM brand and, of course, spoiling his dog with treats.